Do you have any accidents from work? Have you ever been in a car crash that you didn’t see coming? Have you ever tripped in a store or other public place and fallen?

Are you a customer who bought something that hurt you? No Win No Fee Angus Solicitors can help you if this is the case.

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Slip & Fall

Anyone, at any time, and in any place, can trip and fall. An accident can happen in a public place, store, on the street, or

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Medical Negligence

You pay nothing unless you win. Angus represents patients who have filed medical malpractice actions against NHS Trusts, hospitals, doctors, and nurses due to improper

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Product Liability

Toys that cause injuries to children, furniture that collapses, gas heaters that leak carbon monoxide into the home, and other devices that cause accidents are

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“No Win, No Fee” means that you won’t have to pay any legal fees if we can’t get you money for your personal injury claim. This gives you peace of mind and financial security.

If your claim is accepted, we will tell you up front what our fees are so that everything is clear. They will be figured out as a percentage of how much money was given.

We take care of a wide range of personal injury cases, such as accidents at work, car accidents, slip-and-falls, medical malpractice, and more. Contact us for a free first meeting to find out if your case is eligible.

We believe in being completely honest. With our “No Win, No Fee” approach, there are no upfront or hidden costs, so you can focus on your case without worrying about money.